Let the Games Begin

So I’ve just gotten word back from my mom about next semester. It would seem that whoever “they” are have gotten word that I exist. Things have gotten tight for the family, so now if I stay in LA this summer I would be on my own for food money as well as rent. In order for me to live with Roe and Kevin next year I have to drop around 120/mo of my own on top of what the rents can afford, but that is manageable. The beautiful thing about finances is they are just a tiny little pebble in the path. We’re on our way up the mountain, and boy are there some stunning views.

Movies: I am starting work with someone very important to know. I will be cutting together footage of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami from a few weeks ago. Links up once it’s finished. Finishing up work on the Vagabond pilot in the next week or so. I am cutting my directing final (CTPR 475) now, and it will be up on Vimeo once it’s finished. Very excited for the results. I now have two cameramen in mind for our visual team. Both very qualified, eager, good people who like good music. Bombtastic.

Music: In the last couple of days I saw both Mos Def and FlyLo for free on campus. It looks like USC’s programming board is getting back on top of their shit. Boom is working on a project with a string player. It makes me feel good to have a bowed instrument in the house again.

Love your tools. Love your friends. Love your family. Love yourself. Love the game, and the world becomes your arsenal.




The Elephant is the Artist.

Turbocharged – Monday, 4.4.11

In a vain attempt to start blogging, I will tell you about my morning, but I must forewarn you that it it was the product of falling asleep early. Very early. 7pm early.

“Let’s go on a living spree! Shit, they say the best things in life are free”


They say leave the guns to the gunmen, but today I have been slaying tasks like I’m fuckin’ Lancelot. It’s obscene, really.

3:30 I snap awake. Not panicked, but fully present, instantaneously. Now, the make or break decision. Go back to sleep? I close my eyes. Nothing. No swirls or patterns or tiredness or falling away of consciousness, nothing. So I sit up. Oh! There’s my crew list that I didn’t finish last night. So I finish it. Gaffer, grip, AD, voiceover artists. By now I’m fully awake.

I go to the bathroom. That grime has been staring me in the face for way too long. Oh what the hell, I have another 10 hours before class starts, I might as well clean the bathtub. Now that the tub’s clean, I might as well shower in it. Now that I have all this time I might as well shave, too. Hey! Looking fly.

It’s 5 am. Donut shop doesn’t open for another 30 minutes. But I’m hungry now! What the hell, it’s 5am. Why not cook pancakes and eggs? Sounds delightful, let’s do that. Well, the kitchens a mess. The sun hasn’t even risen yet. More work to be done! The dishes are done, the floor is swept, and the counters are wiped clean. I start my laundry. Might as well get two things done at once! I make breakfast.

I’ve always wanted to get that sun salutation into my muscle memory. Today’s the day! What a beautiful morning. 5 breaths and my breathing is back to normal. What a wonderful workout that was! I feel like I’ve just had a large cup of coffee. Now must be the time to read. Chapter 4 of Jack Hawley’s translation. Good stuff! Now that my reading is through it is time to reflect. Totally worth it. Go!

8am. There is much work to be done. I read two articles for class. Latin American cinema is the topic. Glauber Rocha’s manifesto on Cinema Novo, called “An Aesthetic of Hunger.” Portray the hunger in its rawest form. The hunger that precipitates the violence. Show the violence. Live the hunger. Be the change. A chapter from the GNS. Shot lists. Blocking. Cinematography plots. Reconnect the projector. Add another layer to the painting. STRETCH!!

It is time to go to the grocery. When I get back my laundry will be finished. I will fold it, and it will be noon.

Qi Gong Exercises

This man speaks hebrew, but body language is universal.

The Mushroom Speaks


Kuan Yin

“beloved Kuan yin, please hear the prayers within my heart. Please uncover and understand what my true needs are. I ask for intervention into the areas of my life that are triggering pain. Please come to my aid and assistance, guiding me to see my situation in a new light of love and compassion. Please help me to be like you and live peacefully and purposefully.”