Today I learned fire. I know wind, as well, but she is a wild one. I’m only just starting to harness these energies intentionally. Until now I have been a passive observer. I saw my love this morning and learned about what to do with my palms. It all helps with core strength.

I am learning about the barter system. Once someone names a price, what do you do next? Is copycatting plagiarism? I guess I should compliment their form, fit around what they are doing. It’s all part of the dance. Being new to this, my stamina is not quite yet what it will be soon. Soon, for I am in no rush. I’d rather take my time and put the puzzle together right, build a solid foundation. Once my roots are firmly embedded deep in the earth I can easily hang with the best of us. I like to know how to swim before jumping in the lake.

Learning people’s names gets easier with time.

How are y’all two doing? Comment me back (or start posting..?) !