So I’ve just gotten word back from my mom about next semester. It would seem that whoever “they” are have gotten word that I exist. Things have gotten tight for the family, so now if I stay in LA this summer I would be on my own for food money as well as rent. In order for me to live with Roe and Kevin next year I have to drop around 120/mo of my own on top of what the rents can afford, but that is manageable. The beautiful thing about finances is they are just a tiny little pebble in the path. We’re on our way up the mountain, and boy are there some stunning views.

Movies: I am starting work with someone very important to know. I will be cutting together footage of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami from a few weeks ago. Links up once it’s finished. Finishing up work on the Vagabond pilot in the next week or so. I am cutting my directing final (CTPR 475) now, and it will be up on Vimeo once it’s finished. Very excited for the results. I now have two cameramen in mind for our visual team. Both very qualified, eager, good people who like good music. Bombtastic.

Music: In the last couple of days I saw both Mos Def and FlyLo for free on campus. It looks like USC’s programming board is getting back on top of their shit. Boom is working on a project with a string player. It makes me feel good to have a bowed instrument in the house again.

Love your tools. Love your friends. Love your family. Love yourself. Love the game, and the world becomes your arsenal.