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Deja Vu

I often feel as if I’m living the same moments over again. Literally. Have you seen the movie Run Lola Run?


A good friend of mine gets blogged about!

Really good art coming from a really creative person.

Creator Wave Vol 25: David Aguilar Creator Wave: Humans are vessels gifted with the ability to translate cosmic energies in order to express it creatively. Every creative expression has been motivated by some kind of inner voice. Creator Wave is designed to highlight the artistic momentum exerted by the human soul. Showcasing visual art from all types of artists – from the recognized and established to the relatively obscure. Creator Wave Vol 25: David Aguilar http://www.davidaguilarartwRead More

via Sound Colour Vibration

And togther they named him Isaac, which means “He Laughs”

Today I learned fire. I know wind, as well, but she is a wild one. I’m only just starting to harness these energies intentionally. Until now I have been a passive observer. I saw my love this morning and learned about what to do with my palms. It all helps with core strength.

I am learning about the barter system. Once someone names a price, what do you do next? Is copycatting plagiarism? I guess I should compliment their form, fit around what they are doing. It’s all part of the dance. Being new to this, my stamina is not quite yet what it will be soon. Soon, for I am in no rush. I’d rather take my time and put the puzzle together right, build a solid foundation. Once my roots are firmly embedded deep in the earth I can easily hang with the best of us. I like to know how to swim before jumping in the lake.

Learning people’s names gets easier with time.

How are y’all two doing? Comment me back (or start posting..?) !

Pondering after a long night in the edit

Do flowers have a goal in mind? Do they pre-plan their petals? Or do they just stretch and stretch and then someone stops to look at them and they smile and the flower thinks So THIS is why I’m here…


“Here comes Uncle Ernie to guide you to your very own machine”

-The Who

Tommy came out in 1969. Jim Henson’s muppets Burt and Ernie made their debut earlier that same year on the pilot episode of Sesame Street.


This guy is amazing.

It all started with “hate of the day”

What a silly notion, to post something you hate as your status for all the world to see. I understand frustrations, but don’t you think “hate” is a bit overboard?

I google “things that I love.”

This leads me to Tiny Buddha, and she says:

Keep your thoughts from pulling you down.

Love, Love, Love,